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    Treat Ratepayers with Respect

    I am committed to treating ratepayers with respect.  This meanstreating our education tax dollars with respect. Monies must be spent appropriately and conversly to avoid wasteful and useless expenses.

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    Invest in Smart Technologies

    I am committed to investing in smart technologies in our classrooms and schools.  This will ensure continued and better access for all current students.  As well, to prepare our young people for tomorrow’s workplace.

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Hello and welcome to votetrites.ca. Catholic education has always been of utmost importance to me. I would be proud to represent you and your concerns at the Halton Catholic District School Board. I am committed to working to preserve and enhance the gift of Catholic education. Please take the time to get to know me through my website and contact me if you have any questions.

On Monday, October 27th, Elect Susan Trites.

Who is Susan Trites?


Proud Mother

Susan is the mother of  4 children (Chloe, Ches, Laural and Renee). Currently 3 of her children attend our Catholic schools.


Proven Business Acumen

Susan has 20 years experience in the financial industry (retail banking and 10 years on Bay Street).  Her experience will be an asset in overseeing budgetary and pecuniary spending.


Practicing Catholic

Susan is a parishioner St. Raphael’s Church and taught Catechism to Grade 2 students in preparation for First Holy Communion for 8 years.

My Priorities for the HCDSB

Protecting Catholic Education

Enhance Catholic education giving our students solid character values and skills to navigate the world with hope & courage supported by their faith.


Treat Taxpayers with Respect

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Treating our education tax dollars with respect.  Monies must be spent appropriately and conversely to avoid wasteful expenses.

Increase Numeracy & Literacy


Promoting extensive teacher training and support for continued improvement in educational strategies for numeracy & literacy.  

Invest in Smart Technology


Enhancing  investments in smart technologies in our classrooms and schools.  This will ensure continued and improved access for all students and better prepare them for tomorrow’s workplace.

Focus on Mental Health

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Today, there needs to be a  focus on mental health. This will serve to promote the well-being of all our students.

Social Justice Approach


Endorsing effective social justice issues enable students to develop the ability to give oneself in service to others in imitation of Christ.